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DJ Pool focus: House, Tech House, G-House, Bass House, Dance & EDM.

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Rich James

DJ | Producer | 10,000,000+ Streams on Spotify

As an artist, Sonadex has become an important part of my routine. Getting your music heard by the right kinds of people is essential, this is why direct connections with DJ's is great. The Spotify course is brilliant and really helps artists like myself grow in the right way. I would recommend Sonadex to anyone within the industry.


CEO | Label Owner | Defined Music

Sonadex has become a staple part of how we run things over at Defined. The Spotify promotion service is excellent. The list of DJ’s is extensive and a great way to get your music into the right hands. The Spotify guide taught me a lot about how to grow my playlists. For the price, this service is worth its weight in gold and we strongly encourage you to give this a go!

Joe Burns

Touring DJ & Producer

After trying countless promotion services over the years and often finding they offered nothing more than I could find off a quick google search I was relieved to come across Sonadex. The highly detailed no nonsense content has helped me so much.