Fresh Tunes

Fresh Tunes: The Ultimate Review

We're on a mission to discover the best music distribution platform available to musicians.

Today we’re going to discuss Fresh Tunes – Giving you all the details you need to know when selecting the right distribution service for your music.

What Is Fresh Tunes?

Fresh Tunes is a distribution company that allows musicians to get their music into stores such as Spotify, iTunes and more. Their core service (distribution) is 100% free to use and users on the platform keep 100% of their royalties. Although it is free to users, it makes their service extremely limited in terms of support and things you can do. 

Who Can Use Fresh Tunes?

Fresh Tunes is geared towards independent artists on a tight budget, allowing them to get their music into stores at no cost.

Do You Have To Pay To Use Fresh Tunes?

This is where things become complicated, because you can distribute for free, however simple functions such as generating reports and receiving support is restricted to only those who pay. This is where Fresh Tunes starts to fall apart.

As we state throughout our distribution guide – Support is extremely important when selecting your distributor. If anything goes wrong and you can’t communicate properly, you’re going to be left feeling incredibly frustrated. You can of course pay $25 per month for support. Although you can reach out through email, good luck getting a response that’s within an acceptable time-frame. 

$25 a month for basic customer care is a big no-no. If it was per year, then we could let it slide considering the distribution service is completely free. Things however start to add up if you go down this route. You’re looking at an extortionate $600 per year, for support. Doesn’t seem right, does it?

On top of this you will also have to pay to get analytical data of your music – Something that should be available for free, no matter if the distribution is free or not. If they’re handling your royalties, you should always have the right to see exactly where your royalties are coming from and if they’re correct. Having this restricted to those who pay, again, is a big no-no.


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What We Like About Fresh Tunes:

  • If everything runs smoothly and you don’t require support – It is free and it does cover the basics when getting your music into stores.
  • They cover all the major stores – Spotify, iTunes etc. 

Do Fresh Tunes Promote Your Music?

Yes, but not in the way you would think. They’re not going to hand-pick music distributed through their platform nor do they allow you to pitch to playlists. They do however ever offer ad promotion through YouTube and Twitter (paid) – Which you can do outside of their platform anyway.

Final Notes On Fresh Tunes:

Although their platform is free to distribute music, it’s extremely limited in functionality. Their website as a whole looks rushed and unprofessional. While going through their dashboard, certain sections took when clicked took me to error pages and everything within their back-end just looks completely outdated.

It’s a service that looks great to those who don’t care for their music, or those who haven’t done any research into other distribution companies that are available.

If you’re looking for an alternative, that’s also got a free option – Check out Amuse.

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