iMusician Review 2024

We’re on a mission to discover the best music distribution platform available to musicians.

Today we’re going to discuss iMusician – Giving you all the details you need to know when selecting the right distribution service for your music.

What Is iMusician?

iMusician is unlike any other distribution company we discuss throughout our distribution guide. They do everything you would expect from a typical distribution company but there’s a lot of other things that separate them from the rest. Lets go in-depth on what iMusician is all about!

Who Can Use iMusician?

Both producers and record labels can use iMusician. Their pricing options are competitive and offer those who run established record labels a fantastic service, with unlimited artists/releases. 

Do You Have To Pay To Use iMusician?

Yes, although after the changes in their pricing structure it’s all become a little confusing. Previously, it was fantastic for labels, as they offered unlimited artists/releases, with 100% royalties for £499 per year. Because of this is was on our highly recommended list. Unfortunately this is no longer an option, but we’ll go over what they do offer:

Free Plan (10% commission) – £9 per song.

Like I said, it’s confusing, because it isn’t free if you’re paying on a per-song basis, and they’re taking commission on top of that.

  • Receive 90% of your royalties.
  • Distribute to 200+ Stores.
  • YouTube Content ID – Additional £1.

AMPLIFY Plan (5% commission) – £9 per song.

  • Receive 95% of your royalties.
  • Distribute to 200+ Stores.
  • YouTube Content ID – Additional £1.

AMPLIFY+ Plan (0% commission) – £9 per song.

  • Receive 100% of your royalties.
  • Distribute to 200+ Stores.
  • YouTube Content ID – Additional £1.

Pro Unlimited – £499 (per year, unlimited distribution) – No longer Available *Cries into handful of tissues*

What We Love About iMusician

You only have to pay once to get your music into stores – There’s no worry of it being removed if you’re unable to pay subscription fees for what-ever reason.

Their ‘Pro Unlimited’ plan is one that we have used for many years for our labels and we’ve always had good customer support, great reach, alongside the freedom of not worrying about extended fees for adding additional artists. Pro Unlimited is no longer available.

The only comparable company that we can recommend that have (one-off fees per release) is EMUBands – Priced at £10, allowing you to keep 100% of your royalties with an additional £50 per year if you want YouTube Content ID. However iMusician have a wider range of stores.

What We Don’t Like About iMusician:

If you were to use their ‘Free’ or ‘AMPLIFY’ plans for your music, you’re paying a (one-off) fee per song, but you’re also giving away a portion of your royalties.

They also do not offer split-pay functionality – Which means you will have to send royalty splits manually. We did reach out to them regarding this, and they told us it is something they are currently working on, and it should be available within the next 12 months. Update – It’s been years since they told us this, and it’s still not available..

Does iMusician Promote Your Music?

No. iMusician is a distribution company with no in-house promotion or external services that offer promotional campaigns for your music. 

iMusician Customer Support:

It’s certainly not the best, but it’s also not the worst we’ve encountered while reviewing each company within our distribution guide. Their support is perfectly fine for many, with responses taking around 12-36 hours.

Final Notes on iMusician:

It’s rare to find a good quality service that covers 200+ stores to allow record labels to retain 100% of royalties from both stores, and YouTube Content ID. However, I’m definitely not a fan of their new pricing model and the switch up means I can no longer recommend it for Record Labels.

If you’re an artists looking for unlimited releases, with a yearly subscription instead – Check out our guides on Ditto, Distrokid, and LANDR. If you’re running a record label and don’t mind your distributor taking a small cut of royalties, but allowing you to distribute for free – Check out RouteNote.

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