Ditto Music Review 2024

We’re on a mission to discover the best music distribution platform available to musicians.

Today we’re going to discuss Ditto Music – Giving you all the details you need to know when selecting the right distribution service for your music.

What Is Ditto Music?

Ditto Music is a British based distribution company – Focused on independent musicians, and allowing them to get their music into major stores such as iTunes, Spotify and more. Alongside this, their A&R team hand-pick releases from their users and help aid in promotional campaigns through Spotify playlisting.

Who Can Use Ditto Music?

Both artists and Record labels can use Ditto Music, however, due to price changes over the years, they’re definitely more catered to individual artists.

We have used Ditto Music extensively over the years for our Record Label because previously, they allowed unlimited releases/artists for a yearly subscription. Now, record labels are capped at 40 artists (£319 per year), which means if your label is established, with a lot of artists/releases, then you may need to look elsewhere. If this is the case – We recommend RouteNote.

Do You Have To Pay To Use Ditto Music?

Yes, there is no free account option, but you will always keep 100% of your royalties no matter what the plan is. Lets go over each plan:

Artist (£19) – 1 Artist, Unlimited distribution.

Professional (£59) – 2 Artists, Unlimited distribution.

Label – 5 Artists (£89) – 40 Artists (£319).

As you can see, the pricing for both Artist, and Professional are extremely competitive. It’s a similar pricing model to both Distrokid, and Spare Music.

What We Love About Ditto Music:

First up, it’s unlimited distribution, and you do keep 100% of your royalties. This in-itself makes it a fantastic option at £19-£59 per year.

With Distrokid, If you don’t renew your subscription, they’re at risk of being taken down from stores.

We have over 50+ songs distributed through Ditto; from 2015. We no longer pay the yearly subscription due to the price changes of their label accounts, but all of our releases are still up, and collecting royalties.

It’s a straight-forward system. You can distribute with ease due to their user-friendly interface. If you release a lot of music, you want it to be as hassle free as possible! On top of this – The analytics are great – You can see exactly where your royalties are coming from, alongside which countries. 

When we first used Ditto Music, their customer support wasn’t necessarily lacking, but they’ve since implemented a chat system – So you can reach out whenever and they’ll usually respond within 10 minutes. Customer support is vital when selecting your distributor! We already recommend Ditto Music to many, but this gives us even more reason to do so.

They also don’t lack where stores are concerned. When distributing your music through Ditto Music, you can reach major stores, and 100+ others!

What We Don’t Like About Ditto Music:

  • If you’re running a record label at scale, it’s not recommended due to the cap of 40 artists.
  • No split-pay functionality – Meaning you can’t automatically pay collaborates and artists within your label. UPDATE – This is now available!
  • No YouTube Content ID. They did offer this previously but opted to take it away from their service. Many artists and labels can earn a large portion of their royalties from YouTube content ID alone, so this, unfortunately, is where Ditto Music suffers the most. UPDATE – This is now available again (pro subscription required: £59).

Does Ditto Music Promote Your Music?

Yes – Their A&R team hand pick music from those who distribute through their service and actively support them through in-house playlist pitching. Although it’s nowhere near as powerful as what AWAL can do, it’s a nice touch, and doesn’t require you to be an already-established artist/label.

They do also have an additional option for music promotion – Priced at £399 – Ditto Music will provide you with content strategies for your social media campaigns, alongside a press release, which they also send out to blogs. Again, nothing over-the-top but it’s an added extra, that’s reasonably priced.

Final Notes on Ditto Music:

We’ve used Ditto Music extensively and we have never had any issues with any of our releases. No headaches of bad customer service, and you’ll always receive your royalties on time.

With the inclusion of split-pay alongside YouTube Content ID, Ditto Music is one of the best options available in comparison to all of the others we discuss throughout our distribution guide. 

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